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How to get to Sopot from Gdańsk?

Gdańsk to Sopot - ways of travel

How to get from Gdańsk to Sopot?

Gdańsk is located in the Tri-City agglomeration, which means that it is part of one large urban tissue.

The Tri-City stretches along the Gulf of Gdańsk and consists of 3 cities, as the name of the agglomeration suggests - Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

There are several ways to get from Gdańsk to Sopot.

1. Train

There is a very good urban rail network that makes it easy to travel between cities. The most popular railway line is called the Fast Urban Railway - Szybka Kolej Miejska (SKM) (timetable), which can take you from Gdańsk to Sopot for a few zlotys.

You can take the SKM train at the Gdańsk Główny station, but the Śródmieście station is closer to the Main City of Gdańsk and the Neptune Fountain, which you can reach, among others, through the Forum shopping center.

You can buy tickets in vending machines on the way to the platform or on the platform (depending on the station), ticket offices or in the first car from the conductor (however, when buying a ticket from the conductor you have to pay a small commission - you can pay here by card, and if you want to pay in cash, have some change ready).


2. Car

The journey by SKM train from Gdańsk to Sopot takes about 20 minutes. By car, you can cover this route in a similar time, but only during off-peak hours. If we hit a heavy traffic (15:00 - 18:00) then the same route can take us 40 minutes or even an hour.


3. Taxi Aps

Both in Gdańsk and the entire Tri-City there are taxi applications such as Uber or FreeNow, Bolt.


4. Car-Sharing

There are also cars for rent for minutes - Panek, Traficar. It is comfortable option, because you can pick up your car in Gdańsk and just leave it in Sopot. It is easier to find a parking place, because there are some dedicated places for such a cars.

5. Scooter-Sharing

What is more in TriCity we have ubiquitous scooters for rent: FreeNow, Bolt, Tier, Lime. But it can be too far to go from Gdańsk to Sopot all way long on the scooter. They are comfortable on the short distances.


5. Bicycle

The Tri-City is also well connected by a network of bicycle paths [link to the map]. Over 600 km of bicycle paths are located in Gdańsk alone, and we also have Sopot and Gdynia. You can travel by bike along the beautifully laid out seaside promenade, which stretches from Gdansk Brzeźno, through Sopot to Gdynia Orłowo.

It is a 10 km stretch of pure cycling pleasure. For the comfort of riding, we advise you to rent a trekking bike with more gears. In the Old Town of Gdańsk you will find several bike rentals, we recommend Poland By Locals, where almost the entire bike fleet is new from 2023 (Rent a Bike).

If you come to the city with children, you can also rent a bicycle seat or bicycle trailer.


6. Ferry boat

In the summer season, it is also possible to travel between Gdańsk and Sopot by water through the Gulf of Gdańsk by Ferry Boat with Żegluga Gdańska. The journey takes an hour and the cruise ends at the end of the longest wooden pier in Europe - Sopot Molo.

From here you can go to the beach to sunbathe or to one of the Sopot restaurants to taste delicious Polish cuisine (we recommend: Stacja Sopot, Browar Miejski Sopot )or fine dining in Fisherman Restaurant. However, if you feel that you need to take advantage of the healing power of Sopot, we recommend visiting the MamaMia Cafe, where you can taste the bromine-iodine Sopot brine, brought to the cafe straight from the source.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy tickets for the cruise with Żegluga Gdańska online, they can only be purchased at ticket offices between 7:30 - 16:00, but remember about the break in the office's operation from 14:00 - 15:00.


7. Luxury Yacht

But you must know that there is no more sophisticated way to get to Sopot than renting a luxury yacht with a skipper. The travel time in this case is about two hours. If you are a small group of up to 11 people, you can share the costs, which will make this attraction more affordable. Please visit our website for details [link].


8. Private driver

Sometimes taxi is not enough, and you need a private driver to take care of you or your group. You can always contact Poland By Locals and ask for a driver-guide. LINK


It doesn't matter which method of travel you choose, while visiting Gdańsk it is certainly worth going the most famous Polish seaside resort - Sopot!